Photo of the day May 2021

20 may

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The best camera is the one you have with you. It just so happened that lately I always have my cell phone with me and this cell phone is taking some pretty cool pictures. Of course, cells can draw what they cannot see, but the convenience of navigating with one universal tool is so great that I can get over the loss of quality. On this page I try to post one photo every two three days. I choose photos that are somehow representative of the period. Birthdays, views, puddles, flowers ... I am editing photos in Affinity Photo. This program, which can be purchased for $ 26, has functionality comparable to Photoshop CS6. It can develop photos in RAW, compose HDR, panoramas (okay, terrible), perspective adjustments (very important with the ultra-wide lens of my Samsung S10) and perform full image editing. If someone insists, you can also lose weight, enlarge your eyes or something else. And you don't pay for it every month. I recommend.

20th of May 2021. Daisies.

19th of May 2021. Sauer in Echternach.

11th of May 2021. Dandelion.

13th of May 2021 - Biblioteque Nationale Luxembourg

12th of May 2021 - Biblioteque Nationale Luxembourg

11th of May 2021. Dandelion - in popular Polish - Mlecz.

Photo of the day 7th of May 2021. HDR developed in Affinity Photo in 2021 in 5 minutes. Save your negatives!

Photo of the day 7th of May 2021. HDR developed 7 years ago in Photomatix after an hour of struggle.

F16 Polish Air Force 6th of May 2021 - photo from my archives.

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